Nokia Chronicles brings Hell from Symbian-Freak

Nokia Chronicles continues the season 2 with Michael Hell, who got hooked on Nokia by burning his days on Symbian Freak forum, as well as many early Nokia smartphone owners back in the days. Michael also brought back some old memories by mentioning Daily Mobile forum too which was the second place to visit after Symbian Freak site. If I recollect correctly, was run by Teo Bartulović, a dude from Split, Croatia where I’m from.

The first Nokia phone Michael got was Nokia 5110, the one that came with exchangeable face masks, and after he got stuck on Nokia completely. Then he turned to Symbian, and evolved to MeeGo by doing one of the first N9 reviews.

If you’d like to charge yourself with some good old Nokia vibes, check out the latest Nokia Chronicles episode that Adrian and Justin prepared for us.

Nokia Chronicles