Nokia providing its employees with Nokia smartphones?! *Update*

We all know that Nokia and HMD Global are two different companies. One is the legal owner of a well-known brand and other is a licensee of that brand and a second chance for Nokia smartphones. Many times I was wondering why Nokia wouldn’t use a Nokia branded smartphones itself or provide it to its employees maybe. Probably wasn’t the only one wondering about that.
When we were at the Nokia booth back at MWC2019, I saw that some employees were using some Nokia smartphones. I noticed a Nokia 8 at some folks that should be upgraded by that time to some newer models. However, since people there were professionals, they weren’t playing with their personal phones a lot :). I must mention that all the HMD folks were using Nokia phones though, which is a logical choice. We all remember that unhappy times when Joe Belfiore was rather using Samsung Galaxy phones instead of Lumia phones.

Anyway, Nokia phones were lately being utilized by Nokia Networks in demo videos for WiFi Beacon (Nokia 7.1), and Digital Automation Cloud (Nokia 1), but still can’t confirm if Nokia employees are being provided with Nokia smartphones. While browsing the endless Reddit, I stumbled upon a message from a young Nokia employee who said that folks in Nokia networks are getting themselves a Nokia 7.1, while senior management will be provided with Nokia 9 PureView.

This is a great piece of information that finally shows that Nokia, or at least one of its departments, is getting Nokia smartphones for its own employees. This could also mean that Nokia is caring about its smartphone brand, and in a way helping HMD Global deliver more phones to the world. I can’t verify the quantity, but since Nokia has more than 100k of employees, the number of phones distributed among Nokia’s own people can’t be small. So, we know that some departments inside Nokia Networks are getting Nokia smartphones, and we also know that Risto Siilasmaa got a new Nokia 9 PV to drop its own iPhone which is also a nice move by Juho Sarvikas.

Let me just end with a thought that we should even be discussing this here and that Nokia should be using Nokia smartphones for some general tasks like calls, texting and surfing :).

Any Nokian here to additionally confirm this?

*Update* Thanks to our reader Kappa11 we now know that HMD is officially supplying Nokia employees with Nokia phones. The phones offered were Nokia 6, 6.1, and 7.1, and lately Nokia 9 PureView what we know from the Nokia Networks employee. The PDF file that confirms that can be found on business section of HMD Global’s web page. HMD was proud to say that in 2019, more than 16K of Nokians are using the Nokia smartphones, which is around 15% of all the Nokia employees around the world.

So, as I expected, Nokia folks are using Nokia phones! I urge HMD to share this kind of news more actively.

You can find the study HERE.


Source – is Reddit but I concealed the nick of Nokia employee to protect him just in case if he/she should be saying this.