Video: A little reminder of how Nokia N9 was made

I know it’s not a throwback Thursday, but I just stumbled upon an old video of Nokia where the production of legendary Nokia N9 was explained. The video is a great reminder of how much Nokia invested back then in the production line and how everything was well planned and organized. On the very beginning of the video, you can see that Nokia N9 and today’s Nokia 6 or even 7 and 8 have a lot in common. The housing manufacturing method is almost the same instead Nokia N9 had precision cut polycarbonate housing while Nokia 6, or 7 Plus have body cut out of aluminum. I am happy to see that a part of Nokia N9 design is still present in the bodies of new Nokia devices thanks to the unique camera module cut.

I don’t want to stretch this more than it is needed. Just enjoy the video. And big thx to that preserved this splendid video from 2011 on his YouTube channel.