New Nokia audio accessory incoming

The refresh cycle for audio accessories is much faster than for smartphone one, so it doesn’t surprise me to see some brand announcing a ton of new earbuds during the year. When you are new in the business and need to gain some sales, launching a ton of cheap earbuds could be considered a good strategy since not only the users of your other products will buy them. But, if the user experience with your earphones isn’t particularly good, then a brand could be hitting the wall quite soon.

It took a while for Nokia to make some audio accessories, and it started well in the beginning. Nokia Power Earbuds, Power Earbuds Lite and Nokia Essential Wireless Headphones were and still are a good purchase. Then we got the first ANC BH-805 earphones that felt generic more than ever with not so great audio quality and lacking the app. After those, Nokia Mobile announced a ton of new audio accessories (over 13 last year) which we never even saw till today or even tested. The reason we never got a chance to see them is probably because many of those accessories haven’t been ready to hit the market. It seems that N0kia Clarity Earbuds + (Nokia TWS-731) and Nokia Comfort Earbuds Pro (TWS-631W) could finally hit the store shelves since they got certified by BT SIG. These buds seem nice, and are coming with BT 5.2 and should have ANC which means that BH-805 will finally be replaced.


Since the number 13 isn’t considered to be the luckiest in the Western culture, Nokia Mobile decided to launch new earbuds. Nokia Go Earbuds, also the ones we never ever saw in the stores, is getting a new version. Nokia Go Earbuds 2+ and Go Earbuds 2 pro have just been tested by FCC which suggests its imminent launch. Both of those are wireless buds that should be coming with BT 5.2 connection protocol that ensures low latency sound transmission. The codes TWS-122 and TWS-222 imply that these will be affordable buds, but the released FCC documents haven’t revealed a lot.

If you’d like to check the documents, you can find the links below.

Nokia Go Earbuds 2+

Nokia Go Earbuds  2 Pro

BTSIG for Nokia Clarity Earbuds+(TWS 731) and Nokia Comfort Earbuds Pro (TWS-631)