Video: Treat yourself with ultimate in-home Wi-Fi network

There is an old saying that goes home is where your phone automatically connects to WiFi. Everybody likes that, but when your home WiFi sucks because of usually not so good quality router, then you might consider an area with WiFi HotSpot a home. Nokia created a WiFi Beacon 3 and 1 that solve all the problems with unstable home WiFi network. We tested and reviewed Beacon 3 and it really works well, as a standalone or when used as a mash with additional one or two beacons. It would be also nice to test Beacon 1, which is probably good product too.  Anyway, the future of Nokia WiFi solution might be in 5G Fast Mile beacons that Nokia is selling through some operators since that will bring all the advantages of 5G networks to your home. Just before MWC2020, Nokia published another promo video about its Nokia WiFi beacons, so do check it out to see what that can offer you.


Nokia WiFi