How Would You Change the XR20? (Video)

Nokia T20 and XR20
The Two Most Interesting products from 2021, XR20 and T20

What is the most interesting device that Nokia Mobile have come up with in the past 2 years? I think it’s fair to say, that might be the Nokia XR20. It’s a device that tries to find the perfect balance between a typical feature-rich mainstream device, and a no-nonsense rugged smartphone, and I think it manages to achieve that very delicate balance. Because of this, it has been my personal daily driver since it’s launch and the first device since the Lumia 930 that I feel comfortable using without a case. However, it certainly isn’t the perfect smartphone for me, so I made a video talking about all the things I would love to see in its successor if we ever get one. Here it is:

I do understand that some of those changes might naturally cause a price hike for the already expensive XR20, but the features I would like to see are things that would turn the XR20 into my perfect smartphone as a content creator.

Perhaps the lineup could do with more than one addition, including a more affordable XR10 and a more expensive XR30. Durability is an aspect the brand has been famous for for a very long time and might be the differentiating factor it needs to try and crack a more premium segment of the market. At the very least, I would love to see the XR20 get a true successor, as it definitely deserves one. The brand could also benefit from a more consistent release schedule rather than the guessing game we have to deal with right now.

Anyway, now it’s time to hear from you. How would you change the Nokia XR20? What features would you like to see? and if you’re an existing owner, what do you like or dislike about it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!