Nokia Mobile notifies Beta Labs members that Android Pie for Nokia 8 will soon be officially available

Nokia Mobile just sent out emails to Nokia 8 users taking part in Android 9 Pie Beta Labs. HMD promised Android 9 Pie for Nokia 8 and 8 Sirocco by the end of November, but obviously failed to keep up with the deadline (that happens often with software and no matter how many questions they get asked “when will an update be available”, the answer should always be “when it’s ready you will know” or at best precise the release period to the quarter).

Nokia Beta Labs members were notified that Android 9 Pie for Nokia 8 (no mention of 8 Sirocco, even though they should go in pair because of the same SoC) will soon “be ready and available for millions of users.” On the official Beta Labs web page, Nokia Mobile stated that Beta Labs for Nokia 8 is effectively closed, meaning no new members will be able to sign up for Pie. The message says that because the rollout is near, they will no longer offer this beta build.


Nokia Beta Labs members can roll back to Oreo to get the official version of Pie once it is released, just keep in mind that the process erases data.

I have to admit that I am a bit confused regarding the rollback part (that indicates that official Pie won’t be available for Beta users?!) and that the only difference is the Feedback app. If the only difference is the Feedback app, and no bug fixes found in Beta Labs, Digital Wellbeing, Adaptive Battery, latest camera app for Pie will be included, what was the point of the Beta?

We asked the same questions on the community forum and will update you about the response.