Photo: #Nokia did Mi Mix device before it was cool (#Nokia id326-3)

Headline says it all. Nokia always had great design of its products and photos of a cancelled Nokia Lumia marked with id326-3 show it. First pictures of this device were leaked back in August 2016, and they showed that Nokia was long before anyone else planning to introduce large body/screen ratio devices. Regarding the SOC number (8210), which reveals Snapdragon 200 processor, this device should cover the low end Lumia line-up, and I must say it would be more interesting than Lumia 435, 535 or other projects it the same price range. Since the screen covered most of the front face of the device, ambient light sensor, or FFC, were placed below the screen. Back of the device looked more like Lumia 435, which probably succeeded this device, and the back cover was removed in the similar way like in Lumia 830. Check out some new and older photos from previous post at the Croatian version of the blog.


We can only guess the reasons why Microsoft cancelled this phone that seems to be close to the release date. Microsoft probably wanted his own design language applied to next devices to move away a bit from Nokia’s recognizable design. Well, it turned out to be a wrong decision since they just needed to change the Nokia logo with Microsoft and push already developed models to cut the costs. We are now all aware what happened with the Lumia line-up. It’s such a shame, but it gave space for new Nokia devices.