Nokia T20 receiving Android 13 is some markets

The Nokia T20, Nokia Mobile’s first tablet that marked the return of the Nokia brand to the tablet segment, is one of the last devices still running Android 12. However, Nokia Mobile is changing this by introducing Android 13 in some markets.

So far, the update has been released in India and the UK. I haven’t seen the update here in Croatia yet, but that will probably change soon. Until the update arrives, I can’t say how the device, or better its hardware, will behave under A13. But people say it works well.

So, not all markets are seeing the update, but some people like MickyB Aus got it in Australia using the VPN trick. He connected to an Indian server because the update had just been released there.

Here are the details:

  • Nokia T20 | Android 13 | v3.220 | 2.74 GB | available in India and UK

I must say that I still like to use T20 and I find it to be a great value for the money. The tablet works perfectly although isn’t the fastest out there. However, it is great for doing basic stuff like surfing, working on some documents, typing stuff for Nokiamob, checking out some videos on Youtube, watching series and movies over Stremio, and some occasional Brawl Stars game.


Check out your T20 and make it better with the Android 13 OS update.

Update Tracker | Nokia Update Tracker


Thanks Luke and MickeyBAus for the tip 😉