Nokia Mobile is becoming a key player in the enterprise market, says CCS Insight survey

Nokia Mobile has been quite active in the enterprise market, along with the consumer market. When Google announced its “Android Enterprise Recommended” (AER) program in 2018, HMD Global was one of the earliest to enter the program.

HMD Global is not yet a key player as an enterprise supplier, however, it is on the verge of becoming one with its ever-growing portfolio. Currently, HMD Global has 17 (though only 15 are there on Nokia Mobile’s webpage) of its smartphones in the AER program.

CCS Insight, along with HMD Global, conducted three surveys to get some idea about the strategies that the enterprise organizations follow while upgrading their workplace devices.

CCS Insight IT Decision-Maker Workplace Technology Survey 2019

This survey had about 406 respondents. With the growing number of Android devices available in the enterprise market, Android is becoming more of a default option. About 56% of the company-owned mobile devices in the US and Europe are powered by Android. While 43% run on iOS.

CCS Insight Employee Workplace Technology Survey 2019

Mobile phones are now becoming more and more an essential in our day-to-day work life, including the communications. However, the usage patterns among the employees are not that similar.

As per the survey, 42% of the employees tend to spend more than three hours working on their phones in a day, but the number increases to 51% among the millennial employees. Around 34% of the total spend between one and three hours and 24% spend less than one hour a day.

CCS Insight Digital Workplace Employee Survey 2019

Keeping aside the total cost involved, with 69% impression, the security of the devices and applications is the most important factor for the IT decision-makers while purchasing the workplace devices. Some other factors that the organizations consider are operating system (68%), device manageability (67%), durability (66%), and connectivity (64%).

Since the employees use their workplace devices for their personal use along with the workplace duties, 39% of employees feel that their company’s current security technologies and processes impede their productivity in some or the other way.

Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) Program

Google has set certain requirements for a device to get certified in the AER program including the hardware and software specifications. The manufacturers need to offer carrier-unlocked devices, bulk device enrollment, security updates within three months, one major Android upgrade, a work profile, etc.

What more does HMD Global offer in the AER program?

Since HMD Global devices are a part of the Android One family, HMD Global provides more services on top of all the above-mentioned requirements. HMD Global promises two major Android upgrades, thus increasing the lifetime of the device.

HMD Global says they release the security updates within 17 days of Google making them available. Furthermore, the lower-priced and mid-range devices, along with the premium devices are also a part of the AER Nokia Mobile’s portfolio, hence providing a lot of options for the enterprise organizations.

HMD Global has Nokia Corporation, SAP, Yorkshire Building Society, Fertin Pharma, Mukava, and others as its enterprise customers.