Nokia Mobile ready for Black Friday with nice discounts

I still haven’t properly said god buy to summer, and there are companies already bombarding with Black Friday deals. Nokia Mobile isn’t an exception as their official website is already offering nice discounts in some markets.

You can get a £50.00 discount on Nokia XR20 or Nokia X20 which will then set you back £399.99 and £269.99 respectively. You can also save 30 pounds on Nokia X10 which is now £219.99. But, the most interesting offer is 40% off on Nokia BH-805 or the first noise cancelling Nokia earbuds which you can get now for £59.99.

I hope their stock will last, because it would suck if all this hype is for 10 models :).

Do you have some nice Nokia phones and accessories offers in your country? Do share some prices of Nokia phones from stores in your country 😉


Nokia deals


Thanks shunjoss for the tip!