Nokia expanding real-estate in Oulu

Oulu is a Finnish city situated on the northern banks of the Bothnia Gulf, and Nokia has a campus there. The current R&D campus in Oulu is called the Home of Radio where Nokia is developing new networking technologies there to keep their main goal of connecting people ongoing.

After the announcement of sponsoring a deal with a new sports arena in the city of Tampere, which is a clever marketing deal, Nokia announced a new investment in the northern part of Finland. Nokia will be building new campus premises in the close vicinity of the University of Oulu, which should completely replace the company’s Rusko campus. Nokia will be using the new space for research and testing activities.

The new campus is built for 2300 employees, worth around 6 million euros, and it should be finished in summer 2022. The vicinity of Oulu’s University signifies the future cooperation between Nokia and the local academia where the faculty of Electrical and information technology is also going to be situated.

Nokia is still running for acquiring a significant percentage of 5G market share, but with this investment, the Finns are planning to be the pioneers in 6G, which is slowly but surely becoming a reality.

Nokia had its downfalls but also uprisings in which the company always remerged as a leader in the business. Networking is now a core business for Nokia, and the company is doing quite well there. They are employing around 6000 Finns which makes Nokia important for the development of local economies.

Good to see Nokia investing in future technologies since that is the only way to stay relevant on the market. I hope that Nokia Mobile can learn something from Nokia.