Nokia will help T-Mobile spread nationwide 5G network in USA

Nokia is going to have a significant role in helping T-Mobile spread 5G network across the USA. Everything should be ready by the year 2020. Nokia and T-Mobile have been working together for a long time and T-Mobile recognized Nokia as a meaningful partner that will be able to transfer them to the network of the future, or 5G. Forthcoming 5G networks will bring many benefits to the providers by increasing the bandwidth and throughput. T-Mobile is planning to use Nokia’s multi-radio platforms and advanced antenna technologies to bring 5G radio improvements, especially to low bands such as 600 MHz that will allow better coverage.  Also, together with T-Mobile, Nokia will provide a blueprint for how the future networks will come into existence, so others can easily follow.

This is great news for Nokia since it will be among first companies to deploy its own commercial solutions for 5G networks. Also, Nokia is going to test everything at the Winter Olympic games that are going to be held next year in South Korea. Probably we will have the opportunity to see 5G ready phones by that time.

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