Nokia Mobile isn’t focused on flagship right now

If you ask a common Nokia fan what his biggest Christmas wish is, he would probably say, “All I want for Christmas is a Nokia flagship phone. His wish would probably not come true for two reasons, you newer reveal your and because Nokia Mobile does not focus on flagship phones. In an interview for Les Numeriques, Remi Girault – Business Manager HMD France – revealed HMD Global’s current business plan, or Nokia Mobile’s if you will.

To summarize the interview, which is in French but understandable thanks to Google Translate, Nokia Mobile can not compete with Xiaomi and Oppo, so it rather specialized in devices under 100€ and 200€ that are uniquely (or well) designed, durable and market specific.

Since Nokia Mobile can not muster enough resources to develop a flagship device that can compete with the current best in the market, it focuses on offering durable and well-designed phones in the low-price segment. This also positions the company well for the B2B business, which Nokia Mobile is increasingly focusing on and will continue to focus on in 2022. The big advantage for the B2B business is Android One, which makes OS usable thanks to two- to three-year OS updates and secure thanks to monthly security patches.

The only new device segment Nokia Mobile is investing in is the Nokia T20 tablet, which is currently one of the company’s best products in terms of value for money.

We see Nokia Mobile announcing more and more affordable devices for the US carriers where LG has created a nice space for others and also for Nokia. So it’s no surprise that the Nokia X100 was announced, a device that many wanted to see available worldwide.

After five years into the business, Nokia Mobile could have done more with fewer devices and a smarter strategy, but it’s never too late for that, even if 2022 does not look like the year that Nokia’s portfolio will fundamentally change.

I hope I am wrong, and that we’ll see at least Nokia X80 in 2022.


Thanks KoreanNokia for the tip 😉