Alleged Nokia 6.4 reappears in new renders with few changes

New Nokia 6 renders on Slashleaks

In January, OnLeaks presented the CAD (Computer-aided design) renders of an unknown Nokia smartphone, which he assumed to be the Nokia 6.3 or 6.4. Now, that naming scheme might soon become a thing of the past since Nokia Mobile is embracing a not-so-new naming convention, but that does not cancel out the device that was supposed to be the new Nokia 6.

Nevertheless, coming back to the renders, the camera housing is similar to that of Nokia 3.4 or Nokia C5 Endi with a colored center. However, the successor of Nokia 6.2 will have four cameras, and the dual flash is placed horizontally beneath that housing.

That back design can now also be viewed in a leak posted on Slashleaks by LEAKSPINNER on March 31. The cutout for the power button with embedded fingerprint sensor is visible, but there are a few things that do not match with the renders by OnLeaks.

The pictures on Slashleaks seem to be based on the Nokia 8 V 5G UW because of the meteor grey color and the ZEISS branding. Even the hole-punch display is a characteristic of the Nokia 8 V 5G UW, but OnLeaks shows a different picture. OnLeaks firmly stated that the device will not miss out on the waterdrop notch placed at the top of the 6.45-inch display.

New Nokia 6 as per OnLeaks

A few days ago, HMD Global’s new partner developing and distributing the Nokia branded accessories, Strax, added the Nokia 6.4 to the list of its compatible devices. It means that the new Nokia 6 might be launched by Nokia Mobile on April 8, albeit with a different name, and Nokia X20 seems the closest.

However, the differences in the two renders do raise some questions. Are both the renders by OnLeaks and Slashleaks of the same device? Is it just that the manufacturer that has created the picture of the clear case has used the Nokia 8 V 5G UW just as a reference? Or do they belong to different phones?

Now that I have already mentioned that many questions, one more question will not do any harm. So, here is a bonus question.

The renders of the new Nokia 6 by OnLeaks show the fingerprint sensor combined with the power button. Why do the last year’s renders of the new Nokia 7 by OnLeaks show the fingerprint sensor separately at the back? Is not the embedded fingerprint sensor a “one-step above” feature?

One possible answer is that the Nokia 7.3’s render is old and the company must have updated the design till now.

The straightforward answer to all these questions is to wait for the launch event, but feel free to share your views in the comments section below.

Source: Slashleaks