Nokia XR20 is getting December security patch

While our Nokia T20 is finally updated to the latest Android Build (V1.150), the Nokia XR20 has just received a December security update, just a day after the X20 was bumped up to Android 12.

The update for the XR20 brings the standard monthly security patch (55.45 MB), which is available in the EU and probably elsewhere, so check your waterproof Nokia tank.

After the disappointment of the Nokia 9 PV with the Android 11 update, things are finally looking good. However, some Nokia 7.2 devices are still not getting Android 11, so those users may feel let down. The Nokia 7.2 is considered an old smartphone, but it is still offered and sold by Nokia Mobile as an up-to-date device. So I assume that all software versions of this device will receive the promised update soon.

Their smartphone shipment is finally getting better, and to keep it like that, timely updates are necessary.

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