Nokia Senna is beautiful tablet from cancelled past

Nokia planned to replace its Symbian OS with the new, intuitive and fresh-looking MeeGo OS. Besides OS, Nokia was also developing an ecosystem of products, of which we have only seen the Nokia N9 smartphone. But Nokia was also planning to launch a tablet codenamed Senna, which was developed in 2011. The design of this tablet was based on the Nokia N9, meaning that the tablet would be as irresistible to the masses as the Nokia N9.

But MeeGo was stopped due to the lagging significantly behind Android OS, and the same fate befell Senna. This tablet was even demoed to Stephen Elop, but unfortunately it was shelved. Nokia later wanted to reuse the Senna design for a WP8 tablet, but instead we got the Nokia 2520, which is also a nice device.

Earlier in 2013, some photos of the device circulated on the internet, but Dimitrios Vlachos now has the first live shots (as far as I know). The device is code number RX-92 and Dimitrios is showing a test model. The design is based on the Fabula design introduced by Marko Aahtisaari, which was first used for the Nokia N9.

Dimitrios explained that the Senna is based on ST -Ericsson’s NovaThor U8500 chipset and runs vanilla MeeGo instead of Harmattan. However, the UI & apps were the same as the N9. Interestingly, Nokia gave this tablet a camera that can record videos at 1080p, which was a great achievement for tablets at that time.

Good job Dimitrios, you bring back the Nokia past which still makes our eyes sparkle with excitement. Hope you can get your hands on Nokia Cerebrus which was also a tablet developed for MeeGo back in 2011.


Dimitrios Vlachos