KaiOS devices and Nokia still have huge potential

Even though Nokia Mobile dedicated some of its best feature phones to KaiOS, Jio phones dominate this platform. Jio increased the shipment of KaiOS running devices and now holds 58% of the overall shipped KaiOS feature phones in Q3 2021.

By doing this, Jio helped KaiOS feature phone shipments grow in Q3 2021 by 125% annually and 181% when compared to Q2 2021. This result is a significant increase, and Strategy Analytics believes that the shipment will grow further since Africa is showing as a sweet spot for KaiOS powered devices.

Next to Jio, Nokia and Alcatel are also big players in the KaiOS world. Well, this means Nokia since Nokia is the owner of the Alcatel and of course Nokia brand :).

Anyways, the last KaiOS phones that Nokia Mobile announced were Nokia 8000 4G and Nokia 6300 back in November 2020. Well, I’m not counting the 2720 Flip for Verizon, which was announced in May 2021. Those two phones proved to be rather good but could perform much better. KaiOS announced changes that should speed up their OS, and Nokia Mobile is cooking up a new KaiOS powered device N139DL, but the arrival of both KaiOS updates and the new Nokia device is still not known.

I recommend watching great analysis of FireFox and KaiOS done by TechAltar.

KaiOS devices are just a tiny drop in the sea of feature phones, but those devices will be growing significantly since there is a huge potential for app developers and OEMs which can earn on them since the average selling price of KaiOS devices is five times larger than the price of a regular 2G feature phone.

Strategy Analytics