Nokia 7.1 is compatible with Verizon Wireless

Nokia 7.1 came to the US market in 2018, and it was praised by the media there as the best Android One device you can get for $350.

Indeed, Nokia 7.1 is a great device even though it lacks processing power. Anyway, just until recently the Verizon Wireless users weren’t able to use this device on their network since it wasn’t compatible with the network setup. Nokia Mobile said it was working on a solution for that, and with the latest software update, they did it. Nokia 7.1 is now unlocked for Verizon.
If you are moving to Verizon, you should be aware that 7.1 with software version 3.54E or higher will work on that network. To make this occasion even better, Nokia granted a credit of $250 for anyone switching to or activating a new postpaid line on Verizon. If you are planning on getting yourself a Nokia 7.1, do check Best Buy where the price is already $100 off.

Source 9to5Google