Withings ScanWatch approved by FDA. Coming to US in November 2021

French company Withings, that was in its history acquired by Nokia and then acquired back by its founder, announced that Withings ScanWatch got the approval from FDA and can be sold on the US market. The FDA, which stands for Food and Drug Administration, is also responsible for clearing medical equipment, and one special thing that needed FDA’s greenlight on the ScanWatch is the medical grade ECG.


The hybrid smartwatch, that comes with a nice classic design, can do on-demand ECG, has a SpO2 sensor, and can track sleep with a “currently pending certification for medical-grade sleep apnea detection”. You can learn more about the watch here.

Withings ScanWatch will set you back 280 euro (322 USD), though an official price for the US hasn’t been announced as far as I am aware. Withings recently announced a special edition ScanWatch Horizon, with a more luxurious look. Details about that watch can be found in a separate article here.