Nokia to cut over 400 jobs in Finland

After the announcement of Nokia Health division is being strategically reviewed, Nokia isn’t stopping just there. Word got out that Nokia is also planning to reduce the work power back in its home country. Close to 350 jobs are going to be reduced in Espoo, Oulu and Tampere and all of those are in Networking division. Only the manufacturing plant in Oulu will be excluded from this.

After the sales of Devices and Services department, Nokia announced that the whole company will be overhauled and that they are planning to generate annual cost savings of 1.2 billion € by the end of 2018. This was planned after the acquisition of French Telecommunication giant Alcatel Lucent. Hopefully, Nokia will make good leave plan for its employees, so they can have fresh start in some other company. Example of that was HMD Global which is now bringing Nokia brand back on the smartphone market.

Additional job cuts will be made in the Technologies department. Nokia is planning to reduce 75 positions in order to achieve better cost-efficiency. I couldn’t find if job cuts will mostly be applied in Health Division, but following the recent official announcement, that is possible. Some are already leaving Health Division on their own.


It is always hard to see this kind of news, but future ex-Nokians are a resilient kind and I believe lots of great things will emerge from this.