Update: New Nokia phones could be coming in September or October

Updated the post with new info about the upcoming devices. 

Nokia Mobile is currently working on new phones, and there could be at least two of them ready to be announced later this year. The first half of the 2021 year was dedicated to entry and mid-range phones, the second half could and should be reserved for a true midrange and even a light flagship phone.

Evleakes tweeted that four new Nokia Mobile products or devices are being prepared, and retailers revealed that Nokia T20 or the affordable tablet and Nokia G50 are ready to be announced. Also, Nokia Mobile collaborated with the latest James Bond movie, which is now scheduled to be premiered at the end of September.

So, we can assume that Nokia Mobile will be announcing new devices soon and that September or October might seem like the right month to do that. The exact date of the event hasn’t been disclosed yet, but Nokia Anew suggests that the announcement could happen in September or October. 

Those months are the months of smartphones, and many manufacturers will be showing their new products, so it is OK to assume that Nokia Mobile will want to do the same.

Update: Nokia Anew shared some more info from its source. According to their source, Nokia Mobile will be announcing three new smartphones, two new feature phones and headphones. Well, the headphones part of the announcements seems a bit exaggerated since just recently we saw 13 new audio accessories. I’m more prone to the announcement of new BT speaker, but let’s see.

Also, the Russian Nokia community shared that there are several tablets in the development, and that Nokia T20 is ready for the announcement. The Unisoc processor is used because this tablet will be for the B2B segment, which makes sense.