Nokia 9 PureView won the Good Design Award

Nokia 9 PureView brought to the smartphone market the next generation photography as Nokia Mobile likes to say, but it also brought something else that Good Design recognized. This phone is a masterpiece of industrial design, with 5 cameras that are fused with the round and gently looking body, which still feels robust when held. Because of that Nokia, 9 PureView won the Good Design Award for the year 2019. There were a lot of design projects in the category like Google Pixel 3 phones, Chromecast, various gadgets, and even Nokia 4.2. You can check them at the Good Design page.

Nokia 9 PureView deserves this kind of award, and Nokia Mobile deserves a new chance to show the world that they can design a good phone that is going to be a game-changer. But please, when you are using a modern design approach and new materials to build the phone, please use the latest hardware and software solutions that are going to make this phone a game-changer we deserve. New Nokia 9 could be expected at the end of 2020, or early 2021, but let Nokia Mobile takes time and makes it right this time. A third time the charm, right?

Thanks Aleksandar for the tip 😉