Nokia XR20 Full Monty by PBK reviews (Video)

When Nokia XR20 came out, I was super interested in how differently this phone is put together since it is a rugged device. Since this device has military-grade certification (MIL-STD-810H) and IP68 rating, I kind of expected a different internal build, but it is built similarly to Nokia X20, except there is a little bit more adhesive placed on almost all hardware parts. That is expected since this device shouldn’t have parts that could be disconnected when dropped from 2 meters.

Nokia Mobile used 18 screws to hold the plastic covers to the aluminum body. There are rubber rings around all openings that will keep the water out, and Nokia Mobile was being careful regarding the heat dissipation so you can notice a lot of graphene sheets behind wireless charging coil or the use of thermal paste and copper sheets above chips.

Nokia XR20 is built like a tank. Its hardness and durability are mostly coming from an aluminum body, which is rubberized on the edges and hard to bend even when all the parts are out.

All that was revealed to the public by the great PBK Reviews YouTube channel which did a nice disassembly and reassembly video of Nokia XR20. The host also explained how you should start your repairs and specified hardware parts. He said that the reparability score of this phone is 6.5/10, and the reason for that is the use of adhesive everywhere inside the phone, which means that it will be hard for the serviceman to take it all back.

Also, he mentioned that even with the pull tabs, it was rather hard to take the battery off, so if you need to change the screen, the battery could be damaged when pulled, and it will have to be replaced as well.


If you are damaged like I am and like to watch disassembly videos, I do recommend watching this one.