Nokia X20 will be a part of Android 12 developer preview programme

Nokia X20 Review
Nokia X20 Review

HMD Global announced today that Nokia X20 will be a part of Android 12 developer preview programme. The program will start later this year giving the app developers a chance to test the latest version of Android on Nokia X20. Nokia Mobile will also be allowing developers to join the Nokia Community forum, where they can share ideas, tips and collaborate with users of Nokia devices, fans and enthusiasts.

I like the idea that the Android TM 12 developer preview programme will enable developers to communicate directly with HMD Global’s in-house developer team, and they will be able to do that in 16 languages. This could speed up the tune-up of the Android 12 and eventually help shorten the time needed for the update to be released.

Many of you are probably wondering is what the next big Android OS update will be bringing, so here are some features that you can expect seeing:

  • Supporting AVIF images, so you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of images for large file sizes;
  • Audio-coupled haptic feedback for more immersive gaming and audio experiences;
  • Refreshed app launch animations for an improved experience;
  • Improved privacy and security features ensuring personal data are kept as safe as possible.

So, what do you think of this move by Nokia Mobile? Is this the information that is going to make you check the Nokia X20 again and make it your daily driver for the next two years or more? If you are looking for more info on the X20, do check our review.