Nokia 400 4G shelved in the final stage of development (video by Hikari Calyx)

Hikari Calyx posted a video of the Nokia 400 4G feature phone running Google Android for feature phone, or GAFP as you can find it on the web. Hikari also tweeted some short instructional videos that show Nokia Mobile’s intent of announcing Nokia 400 4G at the Indian market.

The phone looks quite interesting since it is coming with a main and selfie camera, a nice screen, and most importantly a capable OS. Google adjusted nicely Android for feature phones and it works better than KaiOS according to this video demo. That this phone was close to the announcement shows a WiFi certificate it got in January 2020.

Check out video done by Hikari Calyx.

Google implemented a familiar UI and downscaled all of its most popular apps and services to this device. There is also a Chrome Fun dinosaur game that you probably have played when Chrome loses internet connection. This can be interpreted as a direct attack on Snake which is also available on Nokia 400 4G. Maybe Nokia itself pulled a plug on this phone since Snake is connected tightly with Nokia feature phones, and nothing can break that bond, not even a dinosaur from Google.

This phone could have been popular even outside of India, but the ways of Google are mysterious. Maybe there is a new version of GAFP in the works, and if it looks and feels better than the one seen in the video, this Nokia feature phone could finally become a link between feature and smart phones.

What are your thoughts on Nokia 400 4G? Would you like to see it in your hands?


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