The legend, the myth, Nokia 3310 is to go with

There are many myths and legends about the durability and longevity of the Nokia 3310. Supposedly, this legendary Nokia phone is what Thor’s Hjemdal is made of. Legend also says that the Nokia 3310 case is the most useless item in the history of human civilization. However, the truth is that when the phone falls on concrete, it usually breaks into three parts: the back cover, the battery and the rest of the phone. Of course, the concrete would get the short end of the stick.

Anyway, I just stumbled across the vastness of 9Gag on a nice short video showing how the Nokia 3310 is used as a tool to lift the most likely Golf MK1 while upgrading its exhaust system or changing the brake discs. If this is Gold 1, judging by the wheels, it is not that heavy car, but Nokia 3310 holding it in the air is impressive. There is also a chance that the frame isn’t showing a jack that holds the car, but there is visible pressure on the tyre there, and the guy is lucky its garage floor didn’t crack.

Here is a poem Open AI did about the sturdiness of the Nokia 3310 🙂

“The legend, the myth, Nokia 3310’s the name,

A phone that’s built tough, it’s not just a claim.

With a body so rugged, it’s hard to destroy,

It’s a device that brings nostalgia and joy.”

Anyone with Golf MK1 and Nokia 3310 is willing to recreate this?

Source 9Gag