Nokia X10 can be found at great price tag

X10 in Forest Green

Nokia X20 is a nice entry midrange phone if this word construct can even be applied for it. Anyways, this phone offers nice specs but for a high price that some might not appreciate enough. If the price is a problem, then anyone interested in X20 could be also eyeing Nokia X10.

You get basically the same build quality and SD480 5G processor, a 48 MP main camera instead of a 64 MP one, a Gorilla Glass 3 protected display instead of Gorilla 5, and an 8 MP selfie cam instead of 32 ultra-wide one.

But, the price is noticeably lower and folks can get it in the EU for 229€ now. This is the current price of the Nokia X10 6/64 GB memory version and it can be purchased in the Netherlands.

Well, in case you are interested in it, do check the link. We would also appreciate it if you could share the prices of the Nokia X10 in your countries or cities.


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Cheers Thomas for the tip 😉