Nokia G50 to be the next G series smartphone, listed by retailers

Nokia G20 in Night colour
Nokia G20 in Night colour

This year, HMD Global, the one who makes Nokia phones, decided against using the old naming scheme for its smartphones and also came up with new focus points for the marketing. The new naming convention involves three letters, which are C, G, and X. The company began with the base models, like C/G/X10 and C/G/X20, in each series in April.

However, Nokia Mobile soon made it clear that the names will not always be as plain as just the combination of letters and numbers when it announced the Nokia C01 Plus, C20 Plus, and C1 2nd Edition. The C series has the Nokia C30 next in the line, which will keep the sequence going, but it may not be the case with the G series.

After G10 and G20, the G series will possibly see the Nokia G50 before G30 or G40. The retailers in the UK and UAE have listed the Nokia G50 in Blue colour. The listings do not specify anything more than this.

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Currently, Nokia Mobile lacks a device between the Nokia X10 and Nokia 5.4 as the price difference between the phones is around €120. The Nokia X10 starts at €309, and Nokia 5.4 starts at €189. Nokia G50 will possibly be priced in that range to help bridge the gap.

The next launch event of Nokia Mobile is scheduled to take place on July 27, but it is not known if the Nokia G50 will arrive then alongside the Nokia XR20 or sometime later.

Retailer listing: Nokia G50 (Blue)