Android 13 coming to Nokia XR20 and Nokia G50

Nokia Mobile announced today the release of the Android 13 update for its toughest device yet Nokia XR20 and affordable king Nokia G50. This is a continuation of bringing the latest OS update to the SD480 chipset. The updates are available in approved markets and regions and I must say it is also available here in Croatia for both XR20 and G50.

The update for XR20 counts 2.30 GB while the update for G50 is a bit lighter with just 2.26 GBs. Both devices are being updated as I’m writing this so there will be a new post about the overview of the Android 13 on these devices.

Android 13 is quite similar to Android 12, but there are some changes. You are getting:

  • Themed App Icons for apps that include those,
  • Photo picker for sharing videos and photos you have granted access to,
  • Notification Permissions – something that is needed since a lot of notifications can be disturbing
  • New Media Controls – new media player with album artwork in full display and a dancing playback bar.

All these new options are working with compatible apps so don’t expect to see them everywhere. However, I do think that in the near future all the new options will be supported by developers. There is also a November security patch in case your XR20 or G50 haven’t got one before.

As I said, the update isn’t that big, or bring huge changes to the UI, but it will bring smiley faces. I can only add that the installation was rather quick and the phone works like a charm. Another thing that will make you cheerful is the update to the Camera app. Both XR20 and G50 are now running the new Camera 2.0.

Do check your device for the new OS update and report back how the installation went.


Here is the official statement from HMD Global regarding the Android 13 update.


Nokia G50 and Nokia XR20 have started to receive A13 updates

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, have announced that the Nokia G50 and Nokia XR20 have started to receive the Android 13 update to approved markets and regions which brings the number of devices to four including the Nokia X10 and the Nokia X20.

Lars Silberbauer, Chief Marketing Officer HMD Global, said:
“We’re excited to announce that our customers will start to experience Android 13 on their Nokia phones.  We understand that people want to use their phones for longer, and with a Nokia phone, it’s not just hardware durability which comes as standard.  Longevity is the foundation of our new line-up of Nokia smartphones, adding security, durability and innovation to our customers in the smartphone market at all price points.”