Nokia Body, nice and simple scale for every home

Some peoples story with Nokia goes like “… I had a Nokia TV, that was quality TV…”. Other peoples story with Nokia goes like “… Nokia… Samsung rulez…”. My story with Nokia goes back to monophonic phones and square shaped Snake. I only knew Nokia because of its mobile phones and I followed the evolution of mobile phone industry with Nokia phones. While I was waiting for Nokia phones to come back again, Nokia acquired Withings and suddenly there was another story of Nokia.

Watches, scales, blood pressure monitors and thermometers were something new and appealing. Nokia knew that and put its name on those products and one is now with me. Recently I become an owner of Nokia product that isn’t a smart or feature phone, but still can make BT and WiFi connection. I got myself a Nokia Body scale, plain and simple device to start testing another face of Nokia.

There was a discount and I got my Body for €39. Nokia charged another included standard €5 Euro shipping over the dpd in the price,and the Body started its journey to Croatia from France. It took some 5 days to get here and here are the unboxing photos. The box Body came in was slammed pretty hard, but the package of the Body scale was kept nicely. I must say that the box is designed nicely, minimalistic and looks great with a strap on top to carry it easily. It opens like a pizza box or like wedding album, but instead of Pizza and photos, you get plain white Nokia Body scale inside.

The scale itself is also designed beautifully. I chose white one, so dust would be harder to notice. By looking at it, I understood why Nokia chose Withings to be part of it. Body’s design is Scandinavian, elegant, simple, smooth lines and glass top makes it sleek. The scale isn’t thin. Below the glass cover there is plastic body that covers the mechanisms, WiFi and BT antennas, start button and 4AAA battery (Energizer batteries come with it, which is cool) compartment. With the box you get also carpet covers so you could install the scale on the carpet. But, the best position is on the hard floor.

Something all digital scales have is the screen where all the necessary info is displayed. This one of Body could be higher resolution, but it is great for the purpose and probably doesn’t consume batteries so much. It will inform you of your weight, give you weather report for today and tomorrow, show you the Body Mass Index (BMI), number of steps you did and show you your weight progression. The information can be set individually in the Health mate application. Yes, Nokia Body can follow up to 8 people and automatically add their weight after measurement is done. It also has high precision weight measurement mechanisms and can sense if you are not aligned well to get proper measurement, and will show you to which side you have to lean to get it right.

The first setup is rather simple, and it takes some 5 minutes to finish up. While your phone and scale are communicating, you can set your profile in the Health Mate App.

I chose Body to start another story with Nokia since my old mechanical scale was obviously in love with me and couldn’t tell my correct mass. If you need high precision measurement of your weight, then Nokia Body is right for you. It is simple, nicely designed, easy to install, and can connect to your smartphone phone for just under €50. I definitely recommend it.


Here goes a video of the unboxing. Sorry for being late guys. Been busy lately. Cheers 🙂