Nokia C5 Endi video brings nostalgic signs from the past

This week Nokia Mobile announced three new devices for the US operator Cricket Wireless. The device come with a new naming scheme and are called Nokia C5 Endi, Nokia C2 Tava and Nokia C2 Tennen. As with every phone launch, Nokia Mobile released promo videos for the new devices, and something about the C5 video caught the eyes of our readers.

The interesting detail of the promo video is the visual presentation of the name of the device. Throughout the whole promo video we see the green color being overwritten with text with blue color, and that combination of color does remind of the old Nokia Care logo. Of course, the colors and typography are different (with the green color on new video probably representing Android), but that was enough to trigger some nostalgia and remind us of previous brandings.


Alongside the promo video for Nokia C5 Endi, on the YouTube channel promo videos for Nokia C2 Tava and Tenner are posted as well. The videos showcase a identical device with the difference in backcover color.



All in all, it is interesting to see new devices and how Nokia Mobile is presenting them from a marketing point of view. While the original intention behind combining the Android green and Nokia blue colors probably wasn’t to remind older customers of some previous services, it surely did do that for the part of the base. I like the color combination because it makes the relatively long name a bit more interesting to the eye, than a plain white or blue text would make. Would be a shame if retail boxes don’t adhere to this color combination in branding.

What do you think? 🙂

Thanks Rocky for the tip. 🙂