Rumor: HMD was developing a Nokia tablet and smartwatch, but cancelled it

When HMD took the Nokia brand under its own, he licensed the popular name to use it on mobile phones and tablets. I’m still wondering if I’m going to see a Nokia tablet, but somehow the Gods of market don’t like the idea. While there is still place for Nokia mobile phones on the market, space for Nokia tablet is a little bit tight.

According to Nokia Anew, HMD was developing a tablet, but the project was abandoned. There is not much info of HMD developing a tablet elsewhere, but in a few years, we’ll probably see it in a leaked photo somewhere. I’m not so sad about the fact that we won’t be seeing a Nokia tablet. Nokia Anew also shared that HMD canceled the further development of a Nokia watch. That is a shame since a Nokia branded watch could fit in nicely in the portfolio, especially now when Nokia Health is gone. This Nokia watch was probably built to run Wear OS since HMD is tightly connected with Google when the OS is in question. Wear OS smartwatches usually have lousy battery life, and that is the only thing that makes me happy about the watch cancellation. Nokia smartwatch needs to be something between Huawei watch GT and Steel HR, a watch that will have 20 days of battery usage. Ah well, it is canceled so I won’t be going any further with this. I still have high hopes for seeing Nokia branded watch on my hand, and hands of many other.

What was Nokia Anew referring to when mentioning “and others”, maybe BT speakers, wireless chargers…?


Thanks Gagi for the tip 🙂

Source PhoneArena / Nokia Anew


P.S. Headline photo is not HMD’s smartwatch, but Nokia Moonraker, something that Microsoft cancelled.