#Nokia6: First batch sold out in a minute, next flash sale on 24th January

Before few hours, or at 10:06 (am) China time, the (flash) sale of Nokia 6 started via JD.com. Over 1.3 million people registered for the device, and, as expected, the first batch was sold out very fast, in less than a minute.

The number of units sold is not known, but we could argue that at least 10,000 Nokia 6 units were sold in the first batch of flash sale. About 12 hours before the first flash sale stared, the 66CNY real preorders, after being allowed only about 10,000 preorders, officially ended. So it could be that 12 hours before the pre-registration sale for 1.3 million users, JD.com sold the device first to those 10,000 who gave 66CNY for the preorder.

For instance, Nokia N1, Nokia’s first Android tablet that was also a China exclusive, was sold out in 4 minutes, shipping 20,000 units in the first flash sale, so the same number of units  could be in Nokia 6′ case, with 10,000 units going to “preorders”, and another 10,000 to pre-registrations.

The next flash sale should happen on January 24th.

via, JD.com

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