Rumor: Nokia 7.3 5G, Nokia 3.3 and Nokia 2.4 also coming this year

Nokia 5.3 and Nokia 8.3 5G are the smartphones that Nokia Mobile is going to use as battle horses for the first half of the apocalyptic 2020.
According to the source that is pretty much reliable, Nokia 5.3 should be coming at the and of May, or early beginning of June in the stores. The source mentioned that the camera module shortage caused the delay of this model. Nokia 8.3 5G should be coming in late June or early July in the selected markets across the world.

The juiciest info the source mentioned is that Nokia mobile is developing Nokia 7.3 5G which should be bringing the 5G connectivity to the wider population and at a lower price. The planned price before taxes should be around 399 € for the 4/64 GB model. The phone could be announced in September and could pop up in stores in Q4 2020. Nokia 7.3 5G (the name is not confirmed) should be coming with a quad-camera setup, but the exact specs are not known.

There is some info about the new Nokia 3, which should be called Nokia 3.3 and it is rumored to be coming with better specs, Snapdragon processor, a bit larger screen diagonal, three-camera setup, and fingerprint reader. The price of the 3/32GB model is not known yet. The device should be announced sometimes in Q3 2020.

The source didn’t share any info about the Nokia 6.3 and Nokia 4.3, which might be replaced by Nokia 5.3 and the new Nokia 3.3, at least for this year. This could actually be a great idea to change the development schedule of 5/6 and 4/3 series since it would save some money for Nokia Mobile, and folks would get a new version of their device every two years which is expected usage time of those phones.

Anyways, the new Nokia 2 or Nokia 2.4 is planned for September 2020. The device will be coming with better specs than its predecessor, MediaTek processor, and the price will be set around 119€ for the 2/16 GB model.

According to the source, Nokia 9.3 could be postponed for early 2021, or MWC21, if there is going to be such an event.

Anyway, Nokia Mobile is busy and planning a lot of things for us, but the schedule and the specs could be changed until the announcement since the COVID-19 pandemic is changing how the world runs.

I’d love to hear your comments about the planned device list for the rest of 2020. Do you have any suggestions?