Pro versions of Nokia 105 4G and 110 4G announced

The story unfolds as follows: Nokia Mobile has launched the Pro versions of the Nokia 105 4G and 110 4G. Interestingly, these Pro versions were previously available only in certain markets, but it appears they have recently surfaced on the Vietnam Nokia webpage. In fact, an unboxing video has even been posted by the Vy Vo Xuan Yt channel.


Distinguishing between the regular and Pro versions isn’t straightforward, as the official site doesn’t provide hardware specifications. However, the unboxing video has revealed that the hardware specs of the Nokia 105 4G Pro are identical to the regular 105 4G model. This includes a Unisoc T107 processor, the same 1450mAh battery, and 128MB of internal memory. You can check the hardware specifications and prices of the regular models by clicking the link.

The specifications are also identical for the Nokia 110 4G. The only difference I could find is that pro versions support VoLTE. Anyways, I plan to contact Nokia Mobile to request more details about the Pro models.

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Thanks Eero for the tip 😉