AOSMark updated its list and Nokia is now third best brand

AOSMark is a nice webpage or a service that gives a score to a manufacturer based on how many OS updates it provides on average per released phone. The score varies between 0 and 5, and 0 means that the manufacturer isn’t providing updates, while 5 would be the perfect manufacturer, and that will never happen. AOSMark team updates the list a few times per year, and they just released an updated list that places Nokia in the first three brands.

With a score of 2.0 and 20 of its phones with the latest Android 10 out of 49, Nokia took third place. The second place took OnePlus with a score of 2.7, while the first place goes to Google with a score of 2.9.

On the second list that shows 20 most updated phones by OS updates since release, names changed a little. Nokia 3 and Nokia 6 used to be among the first few, and Nokia 3 is now the only Nokia phone present and holding the seventh place.
To have a Nokia device of almost any price range means you will have your device running the latest Android OS version for at least three years (you will be getting two major updates), which is far better than what many other brands can offer. But, Nokia needs to start pushing more competent devices, and the only way to do that is by not following trends, something like Google is doing with its Pixel devices, and just start making a better, more usable, and in the end more beautiful devices.


Check AOSMark list here.