Nokia Mobile tested attractive colors on prototype devices

In the process of making a phone, companies create different prototypes to test what solution is the best for that product. While that includes different screen sizes, SoCs, camera system, etc. – it also includes different colors. Nokia was known for leading the mobile industry in colors back in the Lumia era, but the new Nokia Android smartphones also have interesting color options.


In a tweet shared by Hikary Calyx, who managed to get his hands on some Nokia PDA (5.1 Plus?) back panels, we can see that Nokia Mobile tested different colors for the phones glass rear side. The two eye-catching colors from the picture are definitely cyan and red. While Nokia didn’t use that exact shade of cyan, I remember the Lumia 920 back in the days did have a bit darker cyan variant and a red variant.

Lumia 920 colors
iPhone SE2020 red

The unfortunate thing is that red is becoming an attractive color option for buyers and it’s a shame Nokia Mobile didn’t go for it with some of the higher end Nokia phones. I know that Nokia 1 Plus had a nice-looking exchangeable red back panel, but no phone with unibody design had a red option, if I remember correctly. The new iPhone SE2020 was also announced in a “product” red color, and while I’ve been eying the red unit, I have been noticing it is running out of stock more than the black and white color option, so it is certainly more in demand that Apple manages to supply.

Nokia 8.3 5G Polar Night color

With its recent flagship device the Nokia 8.3 5G, Nokia Mobile opted for a single “Polar Night” color. The new 5.3 has more color options, including cyan, black (charcoal) and sand. I know that overwhelming majority of users will cover their phone with a case so the color doesn’t even matter, but would still like to see more color options on future devices.

What do you think on color options on phones? Do you care which color it is, considering most people use phone cases? Tell us down below. 🙂