Update – Nokia Mobile updates official Android 11 roadmap

The first Android 11 update roadmap was released back in October 2020, and Nokia Mobile didn’t update it since then. Nokia Mobile finally released the updated Android 11 roadmap, some six months after the first one. Now you can find out when will all eligible Nokia devices receive the latest version of the Android software.

UPDATE – Nokia Mobile updated the rollout plan for Android 11 OS update since there was a mistake that you noticed with the update for 6.2 being placed in Q2. Now it seems that the owners of Nokia 6.2 will be receiving the update together with the owners of Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 9 PureView sometimes in Q3 2021.

Here is the new and revised list, and below you can see the old one from a few days ago.

List released on May 7th.

Up until now, some 8 Nokia smartphones have received the update with Nokia 2.4 being the latest to join the Android 11 club. Nokia Mobile updated the list, and according to the latest update rollout plan, Nokia 1 Plus, Nokia 1.3, Nokia 5.3, Nokia 5.4, Nokia 3.4, Nokia 6.2, and Nokia V8 5G UW should be getting the update in the second quarter.

Nokia 9 PureView, or the only flagship smartphone that Nokia has on the list, should get the update at the end of Q2 and beginning of Q3 2021, while some Nokia 6.2 devices and Nokia 7.2 should be seeing the update in Q3, or sometimes in Autumn, or even Winter of 2021.

Nokia Mobile did say that most of its smartphones will be getting the Android 11 update during April, but according to the updated roadmap, there is still 9 more Nokia smartphones left to get it.

Cheers Lawrance for the heads-up.

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