Nokia Chronicles is bringing its fifth episode

Dear Aussie mates Adrian and Justin are back with the 5th podcast of Nokia Chronicles. Let me tell you something about the topic or their guest of the show. 

So, the story goes like this. Stephen Elop, unfortunately, couldn’t manage so they were pretty much desperate and searching for anyone that could fill in, and that is how they got my humbleness to talk a bit about Nokia, the NokiaMob project, and anything else that we could think off.

It was nice to chat with the guys and really enjoyed reminiscing the glory days of Nokia and a bit of the future. The podcast is over one hour long, so if you are bored to death or doing the spring cleaning around the house, check the fifth episode of Nokia Chronicles by clicking the photo below.

If you’d like to support them or suggest them something, do follow Adrian and Justin on Twitter.


Cheers dudes once again for letting me be a part of your project!