Nokia 5.3 late to the market because it is gathering the needed certificates

Nokia Mobile’s Captain America smartphone, or better known as their latest affordable mid-ranger Nokia 5.3, just got certified by BT SIG. The phone was planned to be announced at MWC2020, which got canceled because of the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak. The announcement of the phone was pushed by almost a month, and many thought that the phone will be available just shortly after the online event. Thet didn’t happen, and we are still waiting for the phone to show up in stores, even though the preorders are opened at some European markets. The reason why we are not seeing the device in the stores yet could be because the phone is still picking up the needed certificates.

The phone was recently certified by FCC, and now by BT SIG. Funnily, the codename of the device is written at the certificate documents. All of Captain America’s versions, TA-1234, TA-1227, TA-1229, TA-1223, will be coming with BT 5.0, which is a general knowledge by now.
It seems that COVID-19 really slowed things down, but in a month or so, the world could start coming back to a normal state, and we’ll finally see the device in stores and on our test.

Check the BT SIG here.