Nokia Chronicles podcast continues with Mr. Nokia

Some say that video killed a radio star, but I say that isn’t true because the radio type of shows are still alive and kicking. It could be that I’m old, or crazy, because I was looking forward for the fourth episode of Nokia Chronicles. definitely crazy, but Aussies are doing a great job and proving me that podcasts is keeping radio somehow alive.

In the fourth episode of Nokia Chronicles, Adrian and Justin hosted our own Abdulla Zaki, a Youtuber known as Mr. Nokia now that joined Nokiamob last year. They spoke about their history with Nokia and many more things since this podcast is hour long. But, if you are a true Nokia fan, you’ll enjoy a Nostalgia trip.

Just click the image to listen the podcast.

How do you like Nokia Chronicles? Do you find this format OK to soak up some Nokia trivia?