Another #Nokia feature phone spotted in TENAA (TA-1017)

Few days ago, you were able to read about new mysterious Nokia device marked as TA-1017. Since only Nokia 6, 5, 3 and 3310 had that kind of model numbering, many presumed it is new Nokia Android phone. Nokia device marked as TA-1017 has just passed the Chinese telecommunication agency’s (TENAA) tests where the photographs of the device reviled that it is another simple S30+ Nokia device. Before this one, we saw a new versions of a Nokia 105 that was marked as TA-1010 (white model) and TA-1034 (black model).

This new phone (maybe Nokia 130?) will also support two SIM cards as many phones today do. Unlike the new Nokia 105, this one will have small camera on the back, just above the loudspeaker grill, but without the LED flash.

So, this is revealing that HMD will probably try to replace the existing low-end feature phone portfolio with their own design. This could also reveal the new naming of the device. Maybe new models will just be called as the previous one, but with the addition of the year they were announced. So, next year we could see Nokia 6 (2018)?