High refresh rate (90/120Hz) display confirmed on Nokia 7.3?

Screenshot from Nokia PureMotion promo video

A high refresh rate display is slowly becoming a thing now. Exactly what Nokia had foreseen a few years back. I remember when Nokia announced the Lumia 920 with PureMotion HD+ in 2012, I was blown away from how good the device renders every bit of information on its 4.5-inch display. It really was revolutionary at the time. Thanks to its 60Hz IPS LCD display, every scroll and swipe looks smooth and fluid.

Other smartphone manufacturers have seen the potential of this technology and started to implement the 60Hz standard on most of their offerings. But as the market matures, more and more limitations are crossed, resulting in newer and arguably better standards being implemented.

Earlier this week, Qualcomm announced the latest Snapdragon 690 5G SoC. It aims to deliver flagship features down to the more competitive mid-range category. It brought in support for 4K HDR video capture, 192MP camera, 5G, and support for 120Hz display refresh rate in Full HD+ resolution.



Juho Sarvikas, CPO for HMD Global, took Twitter to congratulate Qualcomm for its new product to which one fan vaguely replied either “90Hz or 120Hz” display. Sarvikas then responded to the tweet with a “check” emoji.

Since the launch of the Snapdragon 690 5G, we have been hearing more about the Nokia 7.3. Rumor has it, the Nokia 7.3 will be the first mid-range smartphone to launch with 5G modem onboard. While it clearly is not the first to sport a high-refresh-rate display on its segment, we are hopeful that Nokia Mobile could pull it off. After all, it is one of the main features of the new Snapdragon processor.

If your’re wondering what’s the big deal with high refresh rate displays, Nokia’s Puremotion video from 2012 still does a great job explaining in simple words why a higher refresh rate benefits the customer.


Thanks, SirFaceFone! 🙂