Video: Nokia X20 Unboxing and Features Explored

Would you choose Nordic Blue or Midnight Sun?

The Nokia X20 has had quite a bump reception since its announcement on April the 8th. But my philosophy regarding any device remains the same. The best indicator of its quality is only determined after getting to test it out myself.

Nokia Mobile kept so many details about the device intentionally vague as it tries to position itself as the brand with a focus on quality rather than quantity, a direction that could actually work assuming they manage to deliver on the overall experience. This is what makes this phone intriguing for me, as I try to unpack its technical secrets. Hopefully, this should help people determine what matters to them and help show where the device delivers and where it doesn’t. Anyways, here is my unboxing video of the Nokia X20:

Impressions after 1 day:

  • The device is very well built despite being made out of plastic. It feels hefty too.
  • The design is subjective, but this resembles the Nokia 8 in terms of overall shape and curvature. The back curves towards the frame from all angles and not just the sides.
  • The nordic blue color looks a lot more interesting in real life than in photos. In indoor lighting it looks close to the Nokia 8’s matte blue.
  • This is an EU unit so no charging brick in the box. The compostable case is cool but isn’t as thin as a standard TPU case.
  • The device feels faster to use than the Nokia 8.3. Further digging is required to find out why.
  • So far I wouldn’t say I’m blown away by the camera processing. The images produced are too saturated for my liking, especially in night mode. This is a matter of preference of course.
  • The display is good. On a technical level, it doesn’t have a high refresh rate which is a bumper, but viewing angles, black levels, and colors are all top notch.
  • The bezels are definitely on the big side.
  • There is no 4k recording in video which is disappointing for me as a content creator.

So as I perform some tests to find out the technical aspects of this phone that were not mentioned, what kind of aspects would you like me to talk about in the full review? Please share with us in the comments 🙂

Special thanks to Nokia Mobile for sending me this review unit. It would not have happened if it wasn’t for your incredible support and engagement, so thank you!