Nokia X20 announced at European Nokia shop for €399

Nokia X20 brigs the best that smartphone industry can offer for the affordable class of midrange phones. By looking at the specs the device looks rather interesting, and for the price of €399 you might be getting the cheapest midrange phone that features 5G. Nokia Mobile announced the 8/128GB version of X20 for France and Germany for examples and the phone does look affordable.

Well, that might be true until you check what the competition is offering. Samsung has better equipped Galaxy A52 5G for the same amount, and other brands like Xiaomi and oppo are offering the similar specs for up to 40% less money (GSMArena comparison). And, I bet that you’ll be getting a charger fast charger with Xiaomi or oppo phone.

Well, Nokia Mobile did explain that the latest Nokia phones are durable, tested rigorously so you could keep them for over two years since X20 will be getting three major OS updates. But, the smartphone industry turnover is still fast and not so many young folks will be keeping its phone for three years or more. Maybe I’m wrong in saying this, and definitely I would be much smarter after reviewing the phone, or using it for a longer time, but the pace at which the smartphone industry is evolving might be the obstacle for Nokia X20.

What do you think, is €399 the right price for X20?