Counterpoint: HMD Nokia enters Top 10 smartphone vendors in China in Q4 2018

Nokia 8.1 (X7)

According to Counterpoint Research, HMD Global had a good fourth quarter in China. The maker of Nokia phones managed to enter the Top 10 list of biggest smartphone manufacturers in China. The Chinese market is one of the hardest to crack, especially for foreign companies.

HMD’s market share in China is less than 1%, but Counterpointed ranked the Company at No.9, right behind Samsung with 1% and leaving behind ZTE at No.10. HMD posted a 30% year-on-year growth in Q4 2018, which was the biggest growth of all top 10 companies.

Huawei remains the No.1 in China with 27% of market share and 21% growth YoY in Q4 2018, while Apple and Samsung, the only other foreign vendors besides HMD, are experiencing a sales drop.

Though less than 1% or 0% as Counterpoint states isn’t a huge market share in the grand scheme of things, one has to consider that HMD grew their sales in China and managed to break into top 10 on a market with hundreds of vendors and biggest smartphone sales globally.

The post at Counterpoint’s website isn’t live yet, but their analyst Tarun Pathak shared the info via Twitter.