The new #ShotOnNokia challenge is all about abstract photography

Nokia Mobile has been doing the #ShotOnNokia campaign for a while now. Last month, it was all about water. This month, Nokia Mobile challenges fans to post abstract photos. While previous challenges ask you to go out and shoot, this month’s theme can easily be done inside your house or a little creative cropping from your existing photographs. Of course, it should be shot on a Nokia smartphone.

Well, knowing everyone is currently in quarantine because of COVID-19, there sure are many creative entries around the internet. Feel free to look at them and take inspiration from it. Let’s lead by example here, so here is the not so abstract shot done by Nokia 7.2. I am sure you can do better.

Anyway, you can submit your entries on any of the social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), using the hashtags #ShotOnNokia and #AbstractChallenge. You can also tag Nokia Mobile. 😉