Nokia phones’ Head of design Alasdair McPhail leaves the company?

Raun Forsyth and Alasdair McPhail

HMD Global is undergoing some changes in management, and I must say that some are needed, especially in the supply and marketing channel since new Nokia phones aren’t visible enough.

But, changes shouldn’t be made with force, but rather be done with surgical precision. HMD has a lot of great employees with Nokia background, and changes shouldn’t be random. Changes are not only happening in the marketing, but also in the top management. It seems that HMD’s Head of Design (one of two) Alasdair McPhail has left the company at the beginning of 2019 if the data at LinkedIn are true. The current (and only) head of Design, according to LinkedIn is Raun Forsyth, who we had a chance to meet and chat a bit at HMD village during MWC2019. Alasdair McPhail spent two years at HMD Global as a Head of Design and before that he was a Principal designer at Microsoft Mobile for almost three years, and for over seven years he had the same role in Nokia.

Raun Forsyth is also a very experienced designer and I think he will continue bringing great designs to future Nokia phones. But, it makes me sad to see that people with Nokia spirit incorporated into their mind are leaving HMD Global and Nokia phones. We’ll see how this will progress and what how will it affect the phones. Alasdair started his own company DustLondon and maybe he is still working with HMD as a consultant. We wish him luck in his future work. 🙂


Thanks Rocky for the tip ;).