Nokia 9 PureView receiving the June 2021 security update

The 2019 camera flagship phone Nokia 9 PureView has started receiving a new Android security patch from Google for the month of June of 2021.

Per the screenshot our reader Keith provided, for which we are grateful, the June update contains only the security patch. The 9 PureView has been really regular in receiving the security updates on a monthly basis as far as I can see searching our post history. Per Nokia Mobile’s official update tracker, there will be no guaranteed updates for the 9 PureView after March next year, so Nokia 9 PureView have a whole year to consider other devices that will get regular updates once they stop for 9 PureView. That also gives time to Nokia Mobile to deliver a true successor.

Anyways, if you are an owner of the 9PV and you received the update, be free to drop a comment down below about how the device is performing. 🙂